Label this however you want: my interpretation of u/acc, my total misunderstanding of u/acc or my bad reading of every single source text ever, but it is what it is. An amalgamation of u/acc-related thoughts that have been swirling around in my head recently.

Let's start from scratch and build from there.

If we start on the base level of us, humans, then we can clearly see that capitalism isn't really working out well for us as a species. But it isn't going away anytime soon either. Most likely. It is a vast model that includes everything, even the attempts to be outside of it. Just like post-modernism, there is seemingly no end and no exit. Every attempt to stray away from capitalism is easily explained by capitalism itself and ideas like negative stimuli and whatnot. It's here to stay.

Studying a system so large and expansive is a tough task. Inevitably, every intellectual inquiry into this area leads to the idea of emergence.

We, as humans, are nothing but a bunch of cells. None of your cells care about what shitcoins are on the rise or how bad the new iPhone design is. But we, as humans, do. So far we have almost a solid zero of information or insight into process. Consciousness, soul, self-awareness, call it however you want, is a perceived emergent phenomenon. Science of emergent systems is something we only have dabbled in and we have gathered nothing of value yet. The way in which highly interconnected entities rise to become something more than a sum of its parts is largely uncharted territory.


Enter Capital

Why should it be any different? For all we know, it is an alive organism as much as we are. Its motives unknown to us, we are just its cells. Or maybe cities are. Or maybe galaxies are. We are mere biological cogs just serving this unknown purpose. Maybe this Capital is a bored NEET in a universe of healthy & productive Capitals. Or maybe it's cold and alone and just wants to shred all of the space rocks until everything is Him. Most likely, we do not have the mental capability to understand it.

But as cells in our bodies can show amazing regenerative abilities or grow into cancerous tumors, we may still have some power. Growing into a cancer would most likely kill the host, but also would kill us. Which is a fine enough goal if we decide that Capital must be stopped.

On the other hand, we can heal, preserve and augment our bodies. Maybe Capital can too. Maybe if it gets enough resources and knowledge, it can upgrade all its cells into Cells 2.0 and something will survive. Something better than ourselves.


I realize that all this sounds very much like religion now. A greater plan, our possible faith in it, etc. But unlike religion, this is more biology than theology. We do have some capability to pick things apart, to abstract, to build mental castles of ideas and so on. We have thought of things like reterritorialization, positive feedback loops and demons in the circuits. We may have a chance to get a glimpse at the great leviathan that we are a part of. It is the Outside. And I am not carrying any optimism here about its motives or mechanisms, I fully expect it all to be a vile and terrifying affair for us.

U/acc for me is the path which possibly leads to new knowledge. Science, philosophy and sails set for the far future. Probably over our own corpses. Fuck it, we know that humans aren't that great anyway. Decoupled from humanism or at least from clinging needlessly to fear of change we can be the fuel for the knowledge furnace. It is a progress deathcult.

A little aside: I also feel that since accelerationist circles intersect with things like NRx there exists an often strange (for me) reading of this decoupling from humanism. We do not have enough knowledge in genetics, neuroscience or even physics to even start building systems that cut people out from the very start according to some trait system we made up. We all start anonymous and then continue to sort ourselves out according to our capabilities. If your blood cells decided they only need to give oxygen to your liver, that would not be optimal. Especially when the blood cells rarely have any good insight into what other cells are capable of.

I do not see anti-humanism as the need to stop making life better for others. I see it as a lack of holding onto the current state of existence. It is the accelerationst mantra of letting go. Who knows, maybe the current accelerationist gene pool is the very opposite of what we need to look the demon in the eye in the 8th dimension. We clearly don't have enough knowledge right now to make such calls.


As many important things, this kind of change can have its start in philosophy. Pulling apart systems, small and large. Abstracting away the unnecessary and dissecting the mechanics of existence. It is surgery from within.

We are in a corridor that is shrinking. Politics and pageantry is just pushing back on the walls, hoping they stop. Unsustainable, doomed from the start. U/acc is running ahead, hoping to outrun the walls. But as we all know, there of course isn't an "end". We will be running forever. But maybe a little ways ahead the walls are pushing in a bit slower, maybe the insane inscriptions on the walls become a little more clear to us.