Let's quickly recap the last few thousand years: no system of human self-organization really "works". Democracy, dictatorship, capitalism, communism, anything. It all doesn't work out as intended. Of course, the lowest common denominator is humans. Ergo, humans are kinda shite, right? But we knew that. Yes, you might be a true warrior for what's Good and Right, but most of us aren't.

The scope of what we, as humans, are equipped with is quite pathetic. No large group of people can overcome their greed, ego and other banal things that plague our existence. Abstraction is something that gives anonymity and vice versa.

Alright, done with the age-old points now. You know what else is kinda shite? The Internet. And not in the sense of bad comments online, but the underlying mechanisms of digital communication.

Our computers have IP addresses and can exchange little bits and pieces of information. They send a little packet of numbers and forget about it forever. Sometimes it gets lost. Other times it very often gets lots. And yet you still see that pirated PDF in crisp resolution without any letters missing and the squeaky anime voices are being streamed with splendid bitrate. How come?

Well, by building enough of redundant layers and mechanisms we solved the problem. Not beautifully, mind you. Like all popular Internet-related technology, it is an old experiment that just stuck to the wall. A regular pile of crutches and duct tape that nonetheless provides so much opportunity. We did, however, find which types of data need to have all the little packets of numbers to be tolerable (the cool new PDF) and which ones really don't (the anime dub). We did quite good with finding the pain points of the system and implementing a good compromise.

Continuing the fatalistic motif of my last post: we are now in a situation where not much of what we do really matters, but we do still have access to all of the technology that fuels the 21st century and we get to remember how it all went downhill. Which might not be a given soon. So why not roll up our sleeves and get analyzing? What I'm saying is, I am certain that there hasn't been enough effort in applying the successful solutions from the realm of technology to the meatspace.

And I don't mean "PUT THE GOVERNMENT ON THE BLOCKCHAIN". Miss me with that technoLARP (even though LARPing is great and you and me should do it in all other aspects of life). Philosophers and other humanitaries, get a copy of TCP/IP Illustrated. Network engineers, pick up Introduction to Sociology and Fanged  Noumena (I promise you, you'll like it).

We need an unholy child of these two disciplines. Knowledge of what human errors are possible and knowledge of error mitigation. Theory of humans and theory of something that doesn't need humans. Infuse the cables in Capital or steep our social routers in Fear of Gnon or distill Lenin's spirit from the ground up servers of our minds. I don't care. Just do it.

Let's carve blueprints into the mountains, so when our offspring finally get out of the caves they will have something to build. Is it something that will trick them into building itself and might make them obsolete? Maybe. Is it most likely the only thing that can save them from tumbling down the same path? Almost definitely.