*Disclaimer: I don't claim to be one of the very smart u/acc people. I am, as Nishiki Prestige said, a u/acc cargo cultist of sorts. Bear with me during the ramblings of mine

Mainstream futurology is, of course, one of the biggest modern meme battlegrounds. Vectors of attack are plentiful and the post-truth reality of today makes the contamination extremely easy. The minds of people are filled with mantras about Mars, AI and sentient sexbots. It is a frightening hellscape devoid of almost all free and inquisitive thought.

There's no question that at the forefront of the modern mainstream futurology stands one single man: Elon Musk. Yes, we are all tired of the Musk cult and rightfully so. But let's examine his doings from a viewpoint of accelerationism.

In theory, a single man leading a gauntlet of futuristic technology companies should be a wet dream for the u/acc antipraxis. No direct reliance of state funding and no real competition (yet) in the Western space. He is seemingly embracing capitalism in its fullest and shoving it forward into the future. Dissolving the state power, advancing the beast that is Capital.

However, something does not feel right here. Let's examine Tesla here. Tons of investor funds, highly technological "mega-factories" and a massive network of memes in all corners of the world. But that is only the surface. In reality, it is a massively mismanaged, inefficient company that sustains itself on lies (just look at their expected/actual production numbers) and performing questionable sexual acts on their investors.

This endless churn of funds that get just redistributed without a massive output of value does not feel like moving the paws of Capital forward. It feels like inefficient shuffling without forward momentum. While the overall memetic value and hype might be conductive to some cultural shift in thinking towards technology, it hardly seems enough for such a company as Tesla. And while fucking people over with a smile on your face for money might be one of the pillars of capitalism (practical capitalism, at least), I do not believe that Musk's brand of capitalism is helpful for the kind of uncontrollable growth accelerationists are seeking. This growth has some of the characteristics of a positive feedback loop necessary, but a feedback loop without all its parts is useless (and not really a full loop in the end).


And what is even more frightening, many of the Musk's endeavours all have the appearance of having unprecedented monstrous growth in the last years. All of this looks suspiciously like a bubble (which a loop without all of the parts really is). Of course, that is by far not a new notion, but I believe the burst of this particular bubble will have quite massive ramifications. Trust of the public towards futuristic companies will plummet, osmosis of the state by the private sector will grind to a halt and the flow of investor funding of new tech ventures will change to a slow trickle. The rate of acceleration might drop massively, at least in the Western world.

To sum up, I don't believe Ol' Muskie's doings are any good when viewed through the lens of u/acc antipraxis, largely because of his inefficiency and the inevitable burst of his bubble(s) that will cause a seismic shift in the landscape of acceleration of Capital.