Recently we've had some great points made in a few threads and on Justin Murphy's livestreams.

I want to take a look at the talk by Meta Nomad about r/acc in particular. In his words, the goal of r/acc is optimizing for intelligence to speed up technocapital and bring about the singularity. Which sounds like a fine goal really. Except that I am hesitant to put so much faith in humans to proclaim a single definite goal.

As I mentioned in the previous post I view u/acc as a new scientific field for exploration of possible emergent properties of Capital. At least that's the part of it I'm interested in. Math, complexity science, emergent systems, consciousness - they all tie together into this weird interdisciplinary area of research.

In all natural science branches humans have come up with absolutely ridiculous ideas first. Physics, astronomy, chemistry, etc. Not a single time the nail has been hit on the head right from the start. Why should it be different now? That's why I am cautious to deploy a goal and proclaim it as the right one or even a good one.


Meta Nomad and a few other people also recently talked about how possibly the split between u/acc and r/acc is in the belief in human agency and free will. U/acc being the camp that doesn't believe that humans have and r/acc proclaiming that it exists, at least to some extent. Of course arguing about this is mostly pointless (as Meta Nomad pointed out himself on Justins stream), but for the natural-science-approach of u/acc that's discussed here it may be of some importance.

Important in the sense that study of emergent systems and life forms may lead us to some answers about consciousness and free will. Right now we don't have much in this area. So even the wild idea of us being parts of an emergent life form that may be Capital can be entertained since it may bring us new knowledge.

U/acc is at its core a fatalism, but I don't think it has to be a powerless one. The slogan of antipraxis - "Do what thou wilt" - sets us free to explore anything we want. Might as well tinker with the potential beast above us.