Neatly arranged writing tools on a wooden desk. A coffee mug. A cozy sweater. HDR breaks all rules of physics. You hear screeching. "OH FUCK ISN'T THIS AESTHETIC", it echoes inside your tired over-stimulated brain.

"Build a brand, not a business" - some asshole
We took it and ran away with it.


A string of pathetic one-man shows populate your viewport. 24/7. "Our Story" are two words that cause intense pain. Oh wow, isn't her life awesome? I wish I could pick fresh avocados on the coasts of Costa-Rica. Her tired husband bumps his $6000 DSLR lens on a rock. They can't pay for their hostel now.

Hey, it's a free market, you can do it too. As a crop of new shitcoins pops up every day, you think if it's better to buy XLM, FBH or K͆̀̀ͣ̅ͭ͏̣̲̟̘͓̻̰̩̬̳̳̮̰̫͔ͅY̵͒ͦ̆͐̆̉̍͌̑͋͐̍̒̋ͫ̂ͣ҉̺̦̪̠̙̣͍̣̟̹̪̫̙͝Fͦ͐̂ͪ̑͗̇͌ͬͫͫ҉̨̳̗͙̟̪̟́͠.. I am not like those other girls.

Pump and dump is the name of the game. A self-sustaining engine that, ironically, keeps everything else unsustainable. Your favorite instagram model posted her asshole in front of an ancient Roman structure. She pumped. She pumped hard. The value is insane. Nowhere to dump though.

A travel blogger searched #wanderlust and is following every single account in hopes of somebody following back. They do. They all do. The circlejerk continues. "But I am ironic, not like all these normies".

"But like, why do people pay for bitcoin? How is it worth anything?", says a soccer mom on the bus. "Here, follow my post-yoga satire Snapchat account, it's a worthwhile investment".
"It's not like those instagram thots, I use VSCO filters on my pics", she thinks to herself.

The network collapses on itself. The walls become DNA strands and you use your iCRISPR app to splice yourself in them. The dopamine hit tickles your brain-clit in just the right way. Candle charts have taste now. You bite your fingernails, but a concept of fingernails is long gone. Stop worrying, the stairs are supposed to be infinite. Just fucking walk up. You will ascend by keeping the subscriber count high. You just have to grind. Surf the bubble waves and maybe you will get to look at your children once. Chinese crypto-mining farms are generating Facebook pages now. Your GPU is your camera button finger. Fuck, forgot to upload today. The graph gets tighter. Category theory becomes a single-set exercise. Build a brand, not a business. Tell a story. Dump yourself forever.


You fell asleep for 6 hours and nobody trades your favorite DAPP platform token anymore. Oh fuck, a cute sweater and avocado toast #veganmealprep. Time to buy.